Exit for Freedom

by Exit for Freedom

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Self Titled E.P of the Newcastle Thrash Metal band from Australia, Exit for Freedom.


released January 25, 2012

Recorded Mixed and Mastered by Rhys Zacher, Spinlight Studio Eleebana.
Exit for Freedom is Dylan Brockelsby, Toby Haslam, Blake Manefield, Luke Wilson & Andrew Coutts.



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Exit for Freedom Newcastle, Australia

Exit for Freedom is a mixture of prog thrash metal to punch out the best and heaviest metal Newcastle has to offer. We have played with heaps of bands such as Frankenbok, Sabretung, Viral Millennium, Trinityde, Balescream, The Retro Rockets and many more and With grinding vocals, powerful guitar work, soul feeding bass riffs and progressively outstanding drum patterns they punch out Heavy Metal! ... more

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Track Name: Burn
Go For It
Dont Let it slip Your Fingertips
Dont get Lazy
You'll drown in misery

Swallow Your Pride
Pick up whats left inside
Fortune over a sorrow
See the Ambition in your eyes

Break Away the Walls that Shield you From Happiness
Burn down the Web that binds you, To the Abyss

You can understand
Speaking for every man
and all the Woman
in the same situation

Life chases to make you run
Closer than burning out the sun
Enjoy moments for memories
Your new life has begun

Break Away the Walls that Shield you From Happiness
Burn down the Web that binds you, To the Abyss
Never let good chances fly by Maybe there's something you missed
Its your life
Burn the bridges down
Track Name: Drowning Under Misfortune
I Am Not Afraid
To Stand On The
Line That Divides
Weak and Man

Showing You That I Can Grow
Face all Issues with a full Heart
Break Down Walls, Clenching Fists
Showing You That I Can!

I will never beleive you again
Forcing me to do those things Never pretending
We will say this is the Way I put you to your end

Drowning Under Misfortune!

You Darken the paths that I take
We will stop you and make no Mistake
The life you force upon others
Deserves a life threatening beatdown

The Second Step you take will definetaly be your last
Rites, They have been taken from you
Drowning under Misfortune

Breathing is so easy
When the air is clear of people like you
Poluting lives with your ludacris lies
and deception

Never again, Will I!
Reach out to you, Never Will I Seek!
Speak for you, I Will
Ignoring You, See you through to the end

In My Eyes
You Are The
One Who Is

You Are The One Who Is
Track Name: Voices
resistance to oppression
Never seen
The World through my eyes
Its Make belief
They speak of words unknown
This psyco me
the cruelty reprimanded
Psyc to pleed

Building up inside my head
Ring the Bell
Wishing that you were dead
To see you in hell
My fist tenses up hard
Blood boils
Finally I snap
Ring the Bell

Ring It!
Bring It!
Sing It!

The Voices
Inside me
Describe me
Define Me
These Voices
Really know who i am
And who i've become

You try to denigrate me
No Easy Way
Putting forth your ego
Cant get through me
Filling my heart with rage
about to burst
I flaunt my bloodthirst
I'll get you First

You are
So far
Track Name: Not My Fight
This is not my fight
Nothing more to gain
Than a Common Enemy
There is nothing more to me

This is not my pride
Not my life to take
This is everything
I wish not to partake

Future yours so make
Future yours to break in two
Sealing in your fate
Fate which you will someday create

Words in the wind
Fly like Bullets
Wasted Words
Gives Us No Pleasure

I cannot wait to see
What do you really think of me
Make Me Beleive
This is my time to break free

Left us in the dark
No light shines
All we can really do
Is work to find our way out

Form a common bond
Glorify violence
This must not be heard